SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Exhibitions on virtual reality, hardware and AI, technological calligraphy, as well as the screening of films on science and science education... Such a visual feast of culture and art with technology, film and humanity, has been presented at the 2nd Shenzhen (International) Science Film Week, which, with the theme "The Eyes of the Future", kicked off at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Planning Exhibition on September 17th.

March 23 is the "World Meteorological Day". To commemorate the establishment of the United Nations specialized agency—World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the meteorological department of each member state organizes a variety of public events on this day to promote meteorological science and arouse people's awareness of environment conservation.

The agreement between China and the United State on emission reduction last year send huge political message and took a leadership position in emission reduction, the United Nations climate change chief Christiana Figueres said here on Thursday.

The UN climate chief, Christiana Figueres, has said there was “no space” for new coal developments and stressed the benefits of ambitious renewable energy targets after a meeting with representatives from seven Australian governments.

More than 920 billion yuan (150 billion U.S. dollars) has been channeled to support the renovation of land, air pollution control and clean water projects since last year, China's top planner said on Friday.

There is a one-in-ten chance of the world being 6C warmer than it is today by 2100 which would lead to cataclysmic changes in the global climate with unimaginable consequences for human civilisation, leading climate researchers have warned in an “Earth Statement”.

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