HANDLE CLIMATE CHANGE FILM FESTIVAL (HCCFF) is the first film festival held in China concerns on climate change. The first edition is successfully held in Shenzhen, 2015. It is warmly welcomed by both the government and the public. We have received 1245 films from 93 countries and districts. We have organized 86 screening activities within the city, covering science museums,libraries,theatres,universities and etc.Most importantly, six awarded films have been selected to be screened in China Pavilion of the 22nd Paris Climate Change Conference to share with the world about how humans are dealing with the climate change issues.

In order to prepare the 2nd HCCFF, the organizing committee have held an official press conference in the Marrakech Climate Change Conference, November, 2016. We welcome filmmakers from the world to bring their works concerning Climate Change to China and participate in our 2nd HCCFF in Shenzhen, September, 2017.

As China has signed the PARIS AGREEMENT and launched the “Belt and Road” initiative. HCCFF is dedicated to bring together excellent films about climate change and environment, and present them in an internationally framework to Chinese audiences. HCCFF tends to forge links between filmmakers, environmental experts, campaigners and audiences and inspire people to participate in making a better world.

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The 2nd HCCFF &The 2nd Shenzhen (International) Science Film Week Open:When Science Technology Encounters Art and Climate

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Exhibitions on virtual reality, hardware and AI, technological calligraphy, as well as the screening of films on science and science education... Such a visual feast of culture and art with technology, film and humanity, has been presented at the 2nd Shenzhen (International) Science Film Week, which, with the theme "The Eyes of the Future", kicked off at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Planning Exhibition on September 17th. more
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