Film Review



Foreign movies

  • 1、ONCE UPON A TIME——BEKHTEGANDirector:Azadeh DehghaniLength:0:29:34
  • 2、Guardians Of the EarthDirector:Filip MalinowskLength:01:26:00
  • 3、Wind of Change in Lo MustangDirector:Fidel DeLength:01:20:00
  • 4、PachamamaDirector:Alice RowsomeLength:0:51:18
  • 5、GLOBAL WARNING—KASHMIR CHAPTERDirector:Jalal Ud Din BabaLength:0:28:37
  • 6、Samsara(Song for Kiribati)Director:Ricky KejLength:0:04:49
  • 7、The Snow GuardianDirector:Kori PriceLength:0:04:53
  • 8、This Change EverythingDirector:Avi LewisLength:01:29:00
  • 9、Paradise MeltingDirector:Umar MajidLength:0:32:30
  • 10、Coal…Egypt The One Van Gogh Didn’t DepictDirector:Shereen FaikLength:0:18:33
  • 11、Where do we go?Director:Reza MajlesiLength:0:17:05
  • 12、The face of the WatersDirector:Eliecer Jiménez AlmeidaLength:0:10:00
  • 13、Saba: The Unspoiled QueenDirector:Nick ZacharLength:0:18:04
  • 14、The Breaths of WetlandDirector:Vahid NamiLength:0:20:45
  • 15、The Pale Horse- Coral ApocalypseDirector:Claudia SchmittLength:0:08:40
  • 16、Waterbackpack PAULDirector:Miriam SteenLength:0:07:00
  • 17、Cold WaterDirector:ConservationHawksLength:0:10:38
  • 18、A Universal MessageDirector:Sarah Davin MurphyLength :0:02:25
  • 19、Man belongs to earthDirector:Michal BaranskiLength:0:03:10
  • 20、Antarctic WatersDirector:Jimmy MuirLength:0:07:09

Chinese Movies

  • 1、To live for foodDirector: Shang Ming

    Length: 01:22:11

  • 2、Climate Change: China's Actions 2016Director: Zhao Huaiyan , Wang Wan

    Length: 01:18:21

  • 3、Migration and HomesicknessDirector: Qi Lei, Wu Jing and Liang Jiemei

    Length: 0:25:05

  • 4、Born in ChinaDirector: Lu chuan

    Length: 01:19:10

  • 5、Worries about BlessingsDirector: Hua Ze

    Length: 0:50:14

  • 6、The Green XinjiangDirector: Xi Aifei

    Length: 0:25:50

  • 7.Climate & HomeDirector: Gong Zhihua

    Length: 0:24:45

  • 8、ABC of Low - Carbon AgricultureDirector: Hu qingping

    Length: 0:15:06

  • 9、WaterDirector: Zhou Jie

    Length: 0:13:35

  • 10、Biological Clock of Mangrove ForestsDirector: Chen Ge

    Length: 0:25:23

  • 11、Garbage Classification, Starts From MeDirector: Bai Feilong, Liu Shu and Zhu Zhaowei

    Length: 0:20:38

  • 12、Carbon FootprintDirector: Wu Qingsong

    Length: 0:30:00

  • 13、Xijiang River---Keeping WatchDirector:Lan Yunjian

    Length: 0:25:00

  • 14、Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains are Invaluable AssetsDirector: Ying ning

    Length: 0:20:03

  • 15、Snow Leopard’s Desert JourneyDirector: Zhou Qing

    Length: 0:23:20

  • 16、The Highland Barley PestDirector: Gu Yue

    Length: 0:21:15

  • 17、Guard the source of Yangtze RiverDirector: Liu Bo

    Length: 0:44:01

  • 18、Handle Cute EarthDirector: Yu Mingliang

    Length: 0:17:00

  • 19、SPACE REPORTERSDirector: Helene Guetary

    Length: 0:26:46

  • 20、Himalaya-Ladder to ParadiseDirector: Xiao Han

    Length: 0:50:00

  • 21、Beautiful Village Environmental Protection Campaign-Rural Sewage Treatment TechnologiesDirector: Zou Wei

    Length: 0:26:12

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